How to Export LinkedIn Profiles to Bullhorn in One Click

Time spent manually copying candidates from LinkedIn to your CRM / ATS is time wasted. On average, it takes 30 seconds to enter a new candidate's contact information into an ATS — if you include work history, occupation, and other meta-data (which are valuable for building future searches), it can take more than two minutes per!

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Over the course of a week, this data entry and constant context switching adds up. Qualtrics estimates that integrating LinkedIn to your ATS / CRM enables recruiters to spend 80% less time on new candidate data entry, which adds up to 3+ hours per week for junior recruiters. That is time that can be spent building relationships and engagement with candidates, and ultimately, filling jobs. One click LinkedIn profile exports is a game changer, and every recruiter should have it, so what are the options to connect LinkedIn to your ATS?

Option 1 - LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn offers an in house solution called LinkedIn Recruiter which offers a wide array of pro features on top of LinkedIn, most notably:

  • The ability to search and view candidates in the entire LinkedIn network
  • Sending a limited number of "InMail" messages to candidates through LinkedIn
  • Direct integration with your ATS / CRM for one click exports*

* Note: many recruiters have qualms with LinkedIn Recruiter's Bullhorn integration because it requires you to first create a Bullhorn Job before you can export a candidate, rather than just exporting the candidate in one step.

These features make up a valuable suite of tools for recruiters, but come at a steep price of $9,000 per seat per year. Though LinkedIn offers a more basic solution called Recruiter Lite for $2,400 per year, lite does not include one click exports to your CRM. Even so, in many cases, the ROI of LinkedIn Recruiter can make sense, only a couple placements make up for the price of the software.

Option 2 - Scriberr

That being said, if paying four figures for LinkedIn Recruiter for every seat on your team isn't your cup of tea, or if you already have LinkedIn Recruiter and are tired of creating Jobs in Bullhorn before being able to export candidates, then Scriberr might be the tool for you! Scriberr is a browser add on that allows you to copy formatted profiles from LinkedIn directly to Bullhorn in just one click. Scriberr costs $15 / month.

What you see on LinkedIn:

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After exporting a candidate, what you see in Bullhorn:

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For a detailed tutorial on how to set up Scriberr with Bullhorn, see this guide